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How do we move research to business?

One of the nicest things we do is to assist established businesses to identify the challenges they have that can be solved by use of research.

The established business community needs to innovate to develop its own products, its expertise or to reach new markets. The major players in industry and business often have their own development and innovation department, but many do not.

Validé has assignments from VRI Rogaland

VRI (Virkemidler for regional innovasjon) is established from Rogaland fylkeskommune. Validé has the mission to be VRI competence brokers from Rogaland county municipality. The task is to get establish business, start-up companies and research environments to collaborate to achieve innovation and increased value. VRI will also help companies to find the right financial supporters.

In Validé we have four VRI competence brokers that help companies with:

• Food industry - Kari Birgitte Melvær Wiig
• Welfare technology - Kari Birgitte Melvær Wiig
• Smart technology - Kari Birgitte Melvær Wiig
• Renewable energy - Terje Handeland
• Bioeconomy and technology for the future – Åse Samdal
• International programs and major projects, Paul Vigmostad

Validé helps to identify challenges that can be solved by use of research:

• find the right research environment
• find the right support scheme
• guidance in connection with applications for pre-project,
• networking
• «rent a student»
• guidance in connection with the development of an application for support from other programs

Do you want to discuss your idea with us? Please, use this contact form, discribe your idea or business challenge, and we will looking forward to talk to you.

SkatteFUNN - companies door to science


SkatteFUNN is a tax deduction scheme for research and development efforts in the business sector.

The purpose is to motivate companies to use research to acquire new knowledge, information or experience, which in turn can lead to new or better products, services or production methods. SkatteFUNN is administered by the Research Council of Norway, (Forskningsrådet) in collaboration with the Tax Administration.

SkatteFUNN can contribute with financing when:

• You want to develop new or better goods, services or production processes
• You have a targeted and limited project to achieve this
• The project will provide new knowledge or new skills in connection with the development
• Your business benefits from the result

Through SkatteFUNN, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can receive 19 percent of the project costs as a tax deduction through the tax settlement.

The applications to SkatteFUNN have issues within all subject areas. A SkatteFUNN project must always be targeted and limited and be about developing a new or improved product, service or production process that benefits the company.

To apply for SkatteFUNN, the company must be taxable in Norway. It is not a requirement that the company actually pays taxes. Companies that are not in a tax position receive the support from the Tax Administration through the tax settlement.


Fornybar Vest: The energy industry contributes to new, green jobs

Fornybar Vest

Where will the «green shift» come from? Fornybar Vest is an initiative to create new green jobs on the shoulders of our oil and gas industry.

It is Agenda Vestlandet, a foundation set up by Sparebanken Vest, which makes this venture possible. Ole Jørgen Engelsvoll, business developer at Validé, is project manager

- Western Norway has built up a world-class oil and gas industry. The expertise and international experience of the people in these companies play a key role in Western Norway's green transition. This is precisely why we support this project, says Siren Sundland, chairman of Agenda Vestlandet and CEO of Sparebanken Vest.

The innovation company Validé, the investor network Connect Vest and the energy cluster Energy Transition Norway are taking a joint initiative for the energy industry. Agenda Vestlandet follows up with up to NOK 5 million in project funds.
Fornybar Vest collage - siste

Our goals
150 company visits to energy companies and the research environment in Western Norway. The ambitious goal is:
• harvest 300-400 ideas
• spin out approx 75 mature projects
• establish 40 new companies, either as own AS or as new solutions in established industrial companies.

Project manager is Ole Jørgen Engelsvoll, business developer at Validé.
The team consists of: Jorunn Sætre, the energy cluster, Gøril Selvik, Connect Vest, Terje Handeland and Jon Trygve Kjerstad, both business developers at Validé.

The project participants

Innovation company with a focus on early stage business development.
Recognized partner who develops ideas together with entrepreneurs and R&D institutions into commercial companies Extensive network within industry and business, especially within the oil and gas sector. 25 years of history. 24 employees (PhD, MSc)

Located in Stavanger, the Haugesund region, Jæren and Dalane, but working with ideas nationally.

Connect Vest:
will contribute to jobs and the development of tomorrow's business life in Western Norway within a sustainable framework. They have worked with innovation, entrepreneurs and growth companies since 2001 where the catchment area is Rogaland and Vestland counties. Connect has 200 member companies and 85 early stage investors in its network. They are a non-profit organization that finances their work through public funds, partnership agreements and membership fees.

Energy Transition Norway:
Energy cluster with over 100 players from industry, startups, research and education, finance and the public sector. ETNorway will lead restructuring processes in the development of low-emission and renewable energy solutions. The cluster's ambition is to bring world-leading expertise and technology environments together to increase the pace of innovation in the energy transition. The cluster is today a catalyst for the implementation of innovative industrial energy projects.