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Let us support you along the way

Are you starting up a new innovative company or spinning out from an existing on? We want you to succeed.

Validé runs one of Norway’s leading business incubators. We have more than 25 years of experience developing businesses from initial idea to commercial success, evaluating round 500 ideas and early stage companies annually.

Developing new industries is demanding. It depends on access to good ideas, capital, knowledge, willingness, commitment, network, team, endurance, timing and luck. Validé AS is the region's largest, oldest and best innovation company.

Valide team

Value & Idé = Validé
We will help to create value if you have an innovative idea. We contribute to new business development through idea assessments, expertise, networking, verification, testing and investment.

Validé invests time and money in early phase companies We have a broad industry and research network, as well as access to public and private capital which we draw on actively in the development of our incubator companies.

The companies in the incubator are raising capital. In recent years, more than 100 million kroner annually.

For a general inquiry please email us at, or contact our team managers below.

What is an incubator?

Incubation is a method where promising entrepreneurial ideas and startup companies get connected with an established and structured environment to achieve its potential.

Research has shown that 87% of incubator companies survive.

Why should you and your company be part of an incubator?

We work closely with Validé communities in Haugesund, Dalane and Jæren, and we have developed good tools and methodologies to ensure the best possible development. We assist in developing business plan and strategy, market assessments, competitor analyzes, internationalization, sales and marketing. We have a good overview of public support schemes, and we guide startups with their applications.

The incubator has a large network and works to provide collaborators and alliances to develop the potential of the idea. We cooperate closely with the innovation and research institutes and startup communities in the region, and we have relations with investor and financial environments. We have also attached to people with senior competence in relevant fields.

If we find that the idea has good value, we also do investment in the company. We invest and involve us with capital and competence, we participate in the board and then we are «in the same boat» as the entrepreneur. We are also working on obtaining additional funding for the project, from current funds and investors.

Incubators in the world
Internationally, there is a significant focus on incubation, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. Minor nations like Israel, Finland and Sweden have managed to position themselves to be leading nations in the world in some niches through incubation activities.

How do we work with entrepreneurs?

This is a step by step menu through our incubator program

First meeting

Entrepreneurs and company often contact us to introduce an idea, and we arrange a meeting and go through the business idea. We treat all ideas confidentially until otherwise agreed.

We focus on the following areas:

• Energy / renewable solutions
• Health technology and health
• Digitalization


If we agree to proceed, we will develop a simplified business plan together, preparing an application and presentation. We often arrange an «acid test» where an expert panel assesses your idea.


Before you are made for admission, we will sign a principle agreement that tells about Validé´s contributing and part/ownership in the company. We have a goal of 10% ownership in the companies we involve.

Investment / Agreements

If the admission committee give thumb up, we go through the formalization of a contract of employment, investment and shareholder agreement.


Let us get to work! Based on the agreement of support, a plan with specific milestones is being established for the development project. We continuously check out the progress using this plan. It´s the basis for the cooperation. Usually the incubator period lasts for 1-3 years.

The incubator is reducing our share when external capital do their investments. The principle is that the incubator is part of the ownership as long as we have something to contribute. The incubator have to sell at market price and we use the gain to invest in new projects.

What is required from you?

What is required for being accepted in the incubator?

To be admitted to the incubator, the idea must have an innovation elevation. It means either a new product, new market, new production method, new materials or new organization.

Growth potential
The business idea must have significant growth potential nationally or internationally.

Competence and ability to implement
Validé offers help so that the business idea faster can be more profitable. It is nevertheless the idea owner or an entrepreneurial team that must be the driving force.

You must have the opportunity to contribute some of the funding.

Is your idea unique? Check Patentstyret

Speed up? We call it ITSA

Do you have a startup company and want to speed up your business?

ITSA is intensive growth programs built to get your startup accelerated, tested in the market, and launched forward with investment. In the ITSA community Startups – Founders – Investors – Mentors – Industrial Partners – All come together in one place.

Want to learn more?
Follow: ITSA at Facebook and Instagram: @itsaccelerator

Our mission is to give early-stage startups the tools, ecosystem support, and pitch confidence to boost business into a reality.

Four, different programs design for your startup
Our specialty is to assist entrepreneurs in the early stages, but we adapt our growth programs to the ideas and the level of maturity of the entrepreneurs.
• ITSA Start by Validé:
Basic skills in a five-week program with the five most important skills.
More information and application: ITSA Start
• GründerAcademy by Validé:
The best startup environments from four cities come together to deliver newly established companies with business knowledge, mentors and a national network.
More information and application: GründerAcademy
• ITSA Growth by Validé:
Growth program for mature startups with international ambitions, with product and customers ready to meet the investor world nationally and internationally.
More information and application: ITSA Growth
• EIRAccelerator - The health accelerator by Validé:
Startups with health solutions have their own challenges when it comes to product testing, market and legislation, as well as investor access. The health cluster Norwegian Smart Care Cluster have designed a digital Nordic growth program for health startups. EIRAccelerator

What´s in it for you?

• Our program is packed with lectures, workshops, and guest speakers to give your startup a strong foundation to grow from.

• We have a strong team of mentors and ambassadors that will open up customer and investment leads for you.

• All the programs are powered by Valide. That means we have over 25 years experience in developing new businesses.

• Digital tool kits. We partner with technology, software and service companies to give you the tools you need to succeed.

• Learn to pitch. Every startup has to pitch – to investors, to partners, to customers – and even your Mom. You will break through all barriers and have a 5 minute pitch you can use for any situation.

• Connect + learn. We facilitate workshops with key partners, bring in speakers for insight, and connect you to our network of mentors, startups, and alumni.

• MVP Development and Testing. How do you get feedback from potential customers? Test customers. Test market. Get feedback. Pivot, tweak, and test some more for your market analytics report.

ITSA Growth bring you to next level

ITSA Growth is a four month training program for dedicated early stage growth companies. The program is designed to give early growth companies the business development tools, network, investor leads and skills to get fundraising ready and grow.

ITSA Growth is developed and facilitated by Validé in collaboration with our partners:

Who can apply?

  • Early growth companies

  • Dedicated teams

  • Companies with a clear intent to grow

  • Companies that is fundraising within the next 6 - 18 months

  • Has a ready product/service

  • Companies with a proven market and some sales

  • Compay must be located in Norway

  • Company must operate within the area of Health, Energy or Smart Technology

  • Cover at a minimum two of UN Sustainability goals in the companies strategy

Read more and apply here

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