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Funder of early stage companies

Validé is often among the first believers when we invest in companies in early stage. We have 72 companies in our investment portfolio, and our two pre-seed funds have done investment in 19 companies.

Validé annually evaluate about 500 ideas, and we sign incubator contract with about 50 companies annually. In total, we work with around 200 companies. A selection of these, 72 at the moment, have also got funding from Validé AS.

How do Validé invest i early stage companies?

Valide AS
There are various investment programs within Validé's ecosystem, and these are all equity-based and delivered in the form of direct investments or convertible loans. The investment is available for startups in the incubator and can be followed up with extra investments before the incubation period has ended. These investments will range from NOK 10,000 to 1,000,000. The goal is to secure the right equity in selected startup companies, help them achieve critical milestones, upscale and professionalize operations and management.

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Validé Invest I
Validé Invest I is a pre-seed fund established in 2016, with NOK 30 million in investment capital. The fund has now invested in 11 companies from Validé´s portfolio.

The purpose of the fund is to give companies in a start-up phase both expertise and capital so they can make the projects attractive to other types of investors; such as Seed Fund, other risk capital, Angel Investment, etc. The long-term goal is that the pre-seed portfolio also gives Validé a positive return on investments.

11 companies from Validé AS's portfolio have received funding through Validé Invest I:
Foodback AS, Qwave AS, Terp AS, PaleBlue AS, Alginor ASA, Exedra AS, Ecofiber Recycling AS, SmartCrowding AS, Centraflow, Aniport AS and Saferock AS.

Our experience so far is that NOK 1 invested by the pre-seed fund, trigger an additional NOK 18 from other capital.

That´s how we can speed up innovations.

Questions related to Validé AS’ investment programs can be directed to CEO Anne Cathrin Østebø or Director of Investment Johannes Løyning.

Validé Invest II
Our second fund was established July 1th 2020. Partners with Validé in the fund are: Lyse, TDVeen, DSD, Adiungo, Nysnø klimainvesteringer and Stavanger vekstfond. We hope to repeat the success, and invest in ca 10 more early-stage companies.

Validé Invest II have made eight investments (2022): Sky of Norway AS, Factiverse AS, NablaFlow AS, Norkyst AS, Keelspot AS, Polybo Circular AS, NLE (launch in 2023) and Sifotek AS.