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Validé is hosting one cluster

Innovation is increasingly taking place in collaboration between companies, customers, suppliers and knowledge communities. Validé is hosting the healthcluster, and is partner with five others. That´s valuable network.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

NSCC is a cluster with more than 280 members, mostly private companies but also municipalities/government institutions as participants. The cluster has its origins in the Stavanger region, but our members are now from all over Norway and internationally. In November 2019 NSCC became an AranePro-cluster with five more years of work and mission.

NSCC established offices in Bergen (VIS) and Agder in 2019. The cluster's mission is to facilitate members to work together so that they can better and faster succeed in commercializing new solutions and selling healthcare and welfare technology solutions and services both for the private and public market, in Norway, the Nordic countries and internationally.

The cluster and Validé runs together the Living Lab test facilities: Norwegian Smart Care Lab

The cluster is run by Arild Kristensen
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Validé is partner with five other clusters

Smart City Innovation Cluster

With the new Arena status, Stavanger-based Smart City Innovation Cluster aims to be a driving force for the development of smarter cities and communities, and to become the leading player in the Nordic region by 2021.

The Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster pursue project success in 5 key Smart City areas:

• Mobility
Projects and collaborations aimed at transportation and mobility solutions for the future.

• Transformation
Projects and collaborations aimed at transformation and rejuvenation of smart minded cities.

• Democracy
Projects and collaborations aimed at increasing citizen engagement and involvement in public matters.

• Open data
Projects and collaborations aimed at promoting and utilising open data sources for smarter city life.

• Sustainability
Projects and collaborations aimed at creating and delivering sustainable smart city solutions.

The cluster is run by: Trygve Meyer
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Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster

Stiim Aqua klynge logo

Stiim Aqua Cluster

Stiim Aqua Cluster leads a national innovation ecosystem for aquaculture-related businesses, based in Stavanger. The cluster differs from other aquaculture clusters by having an arena where strong technology environments within oil and gas, automation and electronics, robotics, maritime advanced mechanical industry and IT collaborate closely with the established aquaculture industry. This is done to speed up growth globally, and develop a sustainable industry.

The cluster is run by: Trine Danielsen
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: Stiim Aqua Cluster/Blue Planet

Energy Transition Norway logo

Norwegian Energy Solutions

Networks. Projects. Innovation. Funding. The competent and innovative players of the oil and gas industry in the Stavanger region join forces with companies from other industry sectors, start-ups, investors, authorities and academia to develop new low emission and sustainable energy solutions.

Our focus areas

  • Generate zero-emission value chain

  • Place Norway on the map for development of renewable energy

  • Promote local innovation and technology development

  • Export innovative technologies and services

  • Reduce emission from production of hydrocarbons

  • Develop new value chains within the energy sector

  • Connect with other clusters working on renwables

The cluster i run by Egil Aanestad
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Norwegian Energy Solutions

Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster

The vision of the cluster is to be a preferred global, total supplier within floating offshore wind farms. With many years of experience from oil and gas, the cluster has a unique expertise when it comes to building more and more installations further offshore. Located at Karmøy, nearby the only testing center for full-scale floating wind turbines in Norway, the focus is on increased knowledge, increased innovation in order to increase competitiveness on the international market.

The cluster is run by: Arvid Nesse
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Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster

Vital infrastruktur arena

Vital Infrastruktur arena

The VIA cluster is based in Rogaland, aiming at facilitating the creation of safer tunnels, infrastructure and fewer accidents. Drivers, rescue services, the transportation industry, and local communities are all parties that will benefit and contribute to our work. By working across sectors.

The cluster is run by: Helen Roth
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Norwegian Smart Care Lab - a living lab connected to the health cluster and Validé

Marit B. Hagland Smart Care Lab HelseCampus

INNOVATOR: Marit B. Hagland is head of the Norwegian Smart Care Lab. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NSCL) is an international test center and Living Lab for welfare technology. ​The purpose of the lab is to assist the players in the development, implementation and use of welfare technology so we can speed up the process from idea to market. A Living Lab tests products and solutions in real environments together with users.

Norwegian Smart Care Lab can assist its customers in the entire innovation process. The lab is a resource center for companies that develop new solutions, and also for the partners who want to put the solutions into use.

Why do we need NSCLab?
The welfare technology market is new and immature. As a result, many complex challenges arise that affect a wide range of actors - everything from hospitals, the municipal health service and private companies, to research and authorities. Entering the market with the right solutions is difficult. It can be challenging to get the solutions tested in a good way.

New ways of delivering health services are essential for a sustainable health and care sector. Within the technological area, there is new possibilities. There are many technical, practical and legal obstacles that must be overcome before solutions can be put into use on a large scale.

In the Norwegian Smart Care Lab, we have methodology and service offerings for the verification of products, prototypes and product ideas. Our services contribute to products and solutions being developed and commercialized more quickly.

We do this by ensuring that the solutions are tested and adapted to the customers' requirements and needs. At the same time, we ensure that the product or service satisfies laws, standards and norms.

Marit B. Hagland is head the Norwegian Smart Care Lab. Get in touch today and we'll discuss what we can do for you.

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