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Shoreline Kundecase Esvagt

Setting the global standard in wind energy enterprise SaaS

Shoreline simulates an endless number of complex supply chain, field service, and equipment performance scenarios with speed and precision in a risk-free virtual environment. This helps decision-makers achieve safer, more cost-efficient operations and increased production.

What if maintenance and construction of energy assets could be designed and executed in far less time, with better utilised resources and equipment, and increased production?

Shoreline's game-changing intelligent simulation and optimisation technology for sustainable energy assets makes it possible.

WINDY: Shoreline builds offshore wind farms virtually to prove that wind is power. (Foto: Simen Malmin, Validé)

Shoreline builds offshore wind farms virtually so that one can simulate the interaction between wind turbines, vessels and personnel during expected wave and wind conditions.

The concept of Shoreline was conceived by Norwegian engineer Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud while he working towards his Ph.D. in Offshore Technology at The University of Stavanger (UiS).

Supported by Forskningsrådet (FORNY) and Plogen (UiS)

Empowered by Validé:
• Validé TTO has guided supported the project and the founder from the early beginning, as a UiS-science-project.
• Investment from Validé AS.
• Early-phase investment and enthusiastic support from Siri Kalvig and Nils Olav Nergaard

«Validé´s first important funding was absolutely crucial for Shoreline being founded».

Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud, CEO and founder of Shoreline