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Validegensre Izaskun og Ivan

We are the lucky supporters

We are the team for early-stage business development.
Ansatte i Validé collage 2022

Validé is an non-profit innovation company with 23 dedicated and experienced employees, passionate about innovation.
It´s in the DNA of Validé that we use each other's expertise, our huge network and properties to the benefit of the researchers, entrepreneurs or students.

We are organized into competence team:

• TTO:
Business development and IP based on research-based ideas

• Incubator: Growth and guidance for entrepreneurs and start-up companies

• Accelerator: Acceleration programs to make early-stage company ready for investments.

• Investment: Validé AS invest in the best incubator companies. We also invest from pre-seed funds; Validé Invest I and Validé Invest II. We have also expertise for supporting applications to other public supporters, and we manage some investment programs.

Clusters: Validé is the homebase of the Health care cluster, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, that qualified and recieved the ArenaPro-status from Innovation Norway's cluster program in November 2019.

We are partners with five other business clusters, all are ArenaPro clusters:

- Energy Transition Norway
- Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster
- Stiim Aqua Cluster
- Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster
- Vital Infrastruktur Arena

VRI-brokers: We want to increase collaboration between established business / start-up companies and research communities to achieve innovation and increased value. Our brokers assist businesses to find the right financial support schemes. Validé is VRI-broker on behalf of VRI Rogaland and Rogaland county municipality.

Read more about our team of employees and get in contact with us.

Ower owners

• University of Stavanger (UiS) 33,71 %
• Rogaland fylkeskommune, 24,75 %
• SIVA 14,82 %
• Helse Stavanger (SUS) 10,06 %
• Norce Innovasjon 9,14 %
• Equinor Technology Ventures, 7,3 %
• Nofima, 0,2 %

Validé is best in test

THE COMPANY FOR INDUSTRIAL GROWTH: Siva is a partner in finances the operation of incubators in Norway. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

Validé gets the highest scores from Siva. That will ensure Norway more good and viable industries and companies.

Validé is ranked, together with VIS in Bergen and StartupLab in Oslo, as the best incubator in Norway.

In 2018 Siva developed 20 criteria that will better distinguish between active and successful and not that active enviroment among the næringshager and the incubators throughout the country. In practice, this means a financially larger divide in grants from Siva for the operation of the incubators and the næringshager.

Siva has valueted Validé's operation, goals and results. Surveys show very good satisfaction from the customers, the incubator's ecosystem works very well because Validé has a network of players and resources that contribute to the incubator companies' development and value creation.

And then the most important results; Validé's incubator companies get high score on annual growth and creation of values.

Validé get highest score in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

10 nye år og 70 millioner

The board of Validé

Styret i Valide 2022

Chairman of the Board: Rune Dahl Fitjar

Board members: Marianne Chesak, Merete Vadla Madland, Stig Hognestad, Anne Hjelle, Bjørn Munthe and Mette Rønning.
Anne Cathrin Østebø (left) is CEO of Validé.

Validé is located four places in Rogaland

SATELLITE: Rikke T. Lønning and Åse Tveit Samdal are the team in Validé Haugesundregionen. (Foto: Hilde Garlid)

Validé Stavanger - main office
Innovasjonspark Stavanger

Professor Olav Hanssensvei 7A
4021 Stavanger
Phone: 51 87 40 00

CEO: Anne Cathrin Østebø

Validé Haugesundregionen
Oasen Storsenter, 3. etg. inngang fra takparkering
Austbøvegen 16,
Post Office box: 1900,
5508 Karmsund

Contact: Rikke T. Lønning
Mobil.: +47 922 42 186

Validé Jæren
Forum Jæren
Kontorfellesskapet «Fusst»
Hetlandsgata 9
4340 Bryne

Phone: +47 98 67 22 69

Validé is a place for diversity and inclusion

Lederløftet MAK og ODAnettverk
In November 2021, Anne Cathrin Østebø, CEO of Validé, signed the "Leadership for diversity and inclusion".

It is the organizations MAK that work to accelerate the development of diversity, justice and inclusion in the Nordics, and the organization ODA-network, which has a particular focus on women in the tech industry, who are behind this leadership promise.

THE DOCUMENT: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pledge

Anne Cathrin Østebø signerer ODAnettverk lederløftet

SIGNATURE: Anne Cathrin Østebø sign the document from ODA-network and MAK about diversity and inclusion. From behind: Ole Jørgen Engelsvoll, Johannes Løyning, Ann Helen Eide. In front: Therese Oppegaard, Anne Cathrin Østebø og Izaskun Lecumberri. (Foto: Hilde Garlid)

Validé in Innovasjonspark Stavanger - Future first here

Campus Ullandhaug - our neighborhood