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Unlocking the hidden treasures of the oceans


Alginor ASA seeks towards a sustainable and resource efficient future based on seaweed treasures from beyond the Arctic Circle. We focus on total utilization of seaweeds for production of unique, pure and formulated products in a multifunctional biorefinery. Through safe, eco-friendly and efficient operations, Alginor sets the standard for tomorrow’s innovative solutions and technologies.

Empower by Validé Haugesundregionen
The research-intensive company was founded in 2014 and has developed an environmentally-friendly technology, AORTA, which focuses on the total utilization of bulk goods without the use of chemicals, and with a complementary and gentle harvesting method.

The company has 10 employees and has received "Seal of Excellence" from the EU Commission. In 2018, they have collected significant amounts from the EU and Innovation Norway's environmental technology scheme.

Value at last emission (2018): NOK 23 million

«Valide has been a great supporter with contributions to raising capital in their impressive networks. They have also brought in important people to our advisory committee».

Annette Petersen-Øverleir, Alginor