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Marketplace for shipping along the coast

Keelspot Svein Arild Vatsø

SKIPPER: Svein Arild Vatsø is skipper and founder of the company Keelspot AS. Their digital solution will make transport with the coastal fleet more efficient. (Photo: from LinkedIn profile)

Keelspot is a digital marketplace for the coastal fleet. The digital solution enables cargo owners to trade directly with ship operators and vice versa. It gives greater visibility to the market, while at the same time giving both parties the opportunity to adapt their operations to supply and demand in the daily market.

Today, the utilization rate for the coastal fleets serving Europe is somewhere between 60-70 percent. Old-fashioned port routines mean that ships do not sail at optimal speeds and that they waste fuel. One of the central reasons why the industry struggles with inefficiency is that there are many actors involved in the transport chain.

The founder of Keelspot is Svein Arild Vatsø. He has experienced the coastal fleet's systems as a captain in this type of coastal traffic.

Keelspot's solution will reduce emissions and the climate footprint from this sector in that the solution itself will significantly reduce systemic waste and wastage. This in turn will result in lower freight prices for the industry and increased profitability for the ship operators because better utilization of the vessels' capacity results in increased value creation in the entire ecosystem.

Supported by Validé:

• Incubator company
• Participant in ITSA Growth 2022/2023
• Investment from Validé Invest II