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Global revolution of building homes

Polybo hus 1

Polybo's new, patented reinforced poly-concrete technology enable homes to be built cheaper, faster and waste-free.

Polybo Circular AS owns the patents to build strong but lightweight “concrete” building elements where sand, gravel and rock has been displaced by waste Styrofoam, and elements are fastened together in a way that makes them easily disassembled and reused.

Polybo Circular thus offers huge environmental benefits that fit in with the increased focus on a circular economy. The technology also enables substantial cost benefits.

The mission for the company is: «Polybo Circular shall work globally to help people solve their housing needs in a manner that is more environmentally friendly, economical and with quality solutions adapted to local needs, terms and requirements».

Team: Øivind Frode Eftestøl

Supported by Validé:
• Participant at ITSA Growth 2021/2022
• Incubator company
• Business development: Terje Handeland
• Investment from Validé Invest II