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Sand removal in purification and biogas plants

Sandcatch Solutions team

TEAM: Sandcatch Solutions AS is testing its mobile facility in its own laboratory at Typhonix in Bryne. From left side: Endre Lindgaard, Trygve Husveg and Oda Martine Gjerde. (Photo: Terje Handeland)

Sandcatch Solutions AS develops solutions for operational optimization and increased profitability in biogas plants. In particular, the company focuses on new and better solutions for sand removal from pipe flows, process equipment, tanks and reactors.

In general, the biogas industry has significant challenges related to sand and particles that accumulate in tanks and reactors. Since the sand occupies a gradually increasing volume, the active reactor volume is reduced. This leads to both lower sludge handling capacity and reduced biogas production. Today, the sand is removed by decommissioning biogas reactors and emptying them of sludge in a time-consuming process that results in a further loss of sludge capacity and biogas production.

Sandcatch Solutions uses highly efficient hydrocyclones for extracting sand from water and mud streams. The company's self-developed hydrocyclones are autonomous. The cyclones are operated without a sand chamber, reject valves and flushing systems.

Production of biogas from organic waste provides major environmental benefits, both in the form of reduced climate emissions and by reusing energy in organic waste.

Sandcatch Solutions is a spin-off from the technology company Typhonix AS at Bryne in Rogaland. With start-up help from Validé TTO, Typhonix has, since 2016, developed process technology for the oil industry, and the company today has several self-developed technologies on the international market.

Sandcatch was established as an independent company in 2021. Sandcatch has offices and testing laboratories together with Typhonix at Bryne.

Supported by Validé
• Incubator company
• Business developer and board member: Dagfinn Wåge
• Investment from Validé AS
• Participant in ITSA Growth 2022/2023
• Investment from Validé Invest II