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The next generation storage system

SP Development AS Sveinung Andre Idsal og Jørn Vathne
FOUNDERS: The team behind SP Development AS, Sveinung André Idsal and Jørn Vathne, went all the way to the top in Validé's growth program ITSA Start, spring 2022. Their warehouse robot, "Casper", cuts both space and time in large warehouses. (Photo: Hilde Garlid, Validé)

Warehouse logistics, the lifting and moving of larger pallets of goods, is today semi-automated. Manual handling is still needed before the goods are on the shelves. On average, there are six steps from when the product enters the building until it is in place on the shelf.

SP Development has developed and patented a new type of robotic pallet, «Casper», which allows you to store pallet goods without running space between the racks, goods can be stored at height, it is fully automatic and can keep the warehouse open 24/7. It can handle large, heavy and untidy sizes, and require no reloading or manual handling.

Founding team: Jørn Vathne and Sveinung André Idsal.

Supported by Validé

• Participant in and winner of ITSA Start spring 2022
• Incubator company
• Business developer: Jon Trygve Kjerstad
• Participant at GründerAcademy, autumn 2022
• Investment by Validé AS