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Warns of avalanches and the risk of flood

By developing technology that can, among other things, measure and document snow, Zygizo creates services that are useful for the whole community.

The company collaborates with, among others, the University of Stavanger. The technology the company develops will be able to predict avalanche and flood risks, in addition to other different areas of application.

Zygizo team

SNOW EXPERTS: Magne Aske and Trond Spande are working in the development phase with the technology behind Zygizo. They are conducting experiments in the laboratory and functional tests of sensors and algorithms and getting them selves ready to test in the field. (Photo: Jofrid Åsland)

It is called Snow Water Equivalent (SWE). Snow represents great value for water reserves both for power production as well as drinking water. But large amounts of snow also pose a safety hazard, both to life and health, but also to expensive infrastructure such as roads, railways, facilities, housing etc.

- With the help of our technology, we can with high accuracy and without human interaction, provide detailed information about the water content in snow, as well as provide detailed analyzes about potential dangers associated with the amount and quality of snow, Zygizo writes on his website.

Supported by Validé:

• Incubator company
• Business developer and board member: Dagfinn Wåge
• Investment from Validé AS