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Student Task Force frontfoto

Student Task Force

Already while you are studying, there are several opportunities to participate and contribute in an environment that works with innovation and startups. How about a part-time job?

Together with the University of Stavanger, we offer students part-time jobs in a startup. Hourly wage is 200 kroner, and you can work from 20-150 hours in one project, and up to 875 hours in total within 1 year.

Since 2019, there are already 40 students who have had assignments for companies associated with Validé. Some of them have used knowledge and skills related to the subject they are studying, others have submitted a full CV of skills and interests they have that do not necessarily have anything to do with the choice of study.

... to name a few:
• We have had law students who have made product films for a startup
• Biology student who has created a website and communication strategy for a nursing home product

Examples of assignments from some of the companies:

- Produce marketing video
- Develop 3d configurator for design
- 3D printing
- Health technology
- Smart Care Lab testing and development (health)
- Electro / mechanical development
- Control technique LP player
- Prototype manufacturing
- Market research
- Programming
- CAD assignments
- Business development

What exactly is Student Task Force?

Student Task Force is a paid internship scheme for UiS students who want work experience with innovation. The students are temporarily employed by Validé to perform a specific task for a start-up company, which pays for the work that is done.

The size of the assignments varies between 20 and 150 hours. The duration of the internship scheme is a maximum of 1 year per student to ensure that constantly new students get the opportunity. The student can work up to 875 hours within 1 year.

Disciplines used in the scheme so far are market research, customer interviews, technical development, 3d design and 3d printing, programming, marketing, website setup, film production, financial analysis, strategy work and sales administration.

The scheme triggers innovation grants from Siva and UiS. Students are paid NOK 200 + holiday pay per hour. The companies that use the students must enter into a student-specific incubator agreement with Validé.

Both students and companies with an interest in the scheme must have a written agreement signed by all parties before the work starts.

Validé uses the following agreements:

1. Employment agreement between student and Validé

2. Incubator agreement between company and Validé

3. Assignment agreement between student, company and Validé

Interested? Send an email with your CV and what tasks you can think of to