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Validé runs one of Norway’s leading incubators

Validé have more than 25 years of experience developing businesses from initial idea to commercial success, evaluating around 500 ideas/early stage companies annually.

Around 50 new companies enter the incubator annually. In the incubator, they get one-on-one advice service, community, possibility to raise money and a chance to get in touch with experienced people from the network of Validé.

We are so many, that want you to succeed with your business idea.

Validé invests time and money in the companies we work with, and we have an investment strategy for companies in the early stages. We are the only ones who invest in an idea, and among the few who offer investment in the earliest phase.


We have a large and broad industrial and research network, as well as access to public and private capital that we use actively in the development of our incubator companies.

Validé is a partner with 6 business clusters that provide access to around 1,000 companies. We run the health cluster Norwegian Smart Care Cluster with 280 members, and a strong national and international network within innovative health technology.


Best in test

Validé AS is one of the oldest and most recognized incubators in Norway. Validé has been ranked in the top of Norway by SIVA for several years in a row, together with innovation companies such as VIS innovation in Bergen and StartupLab in Oslo.


Because no ideas are the same, startups or entrepreneurs are alike, we ensure good business development through one-on-one advice from our business developers. Validé has particular expertise in business areas such as:

• Energy
• Health
• Digitization

Strong innovation environment

Validé is located in Innovasjonspark Stavanger, Ullandhaug. Here you will find around 1200 employees, working in 154 innovative companies. The innovation park has a strong professional environment within:

• Health
• Aquaculture
• IT digitization

Validé is part of CampusUllandhaug with the University of Stavanger, several renowned institutes and research centers, NRK Rogaland, Kartverket, Petroleumstilsynet, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (Oljedirektoratet) and NORCE. In 2024, the new University Hospital in Stavanger (Stavanger universitetssjukehus) will be in the neighborhood of Validé and the innovation park.

Do you have an idea?

We wan to hear from you.
Use our contact form here, or contact one of our business developers

Welcome to Validé - our services

Inkubator team 2022

WELCOME: Members of the incubator team Terje Handeland, Johannes Løyning, Jon Trygve Kjerstad, Lars Petter Eliassen, Anne Cathrin Østebø, Anne Klepp Andersen, Maren Ersdal og Marianne Fedde Lilland. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

When you have signed the «Incubator agreement» each company gets one Validé advisor. That gives you access to the entire Validé team. We use our expertise and network for you to succeed as a start-up. 🚀

READ MORE: Team Validé

What do I get as an incubator company in Validé?

Validé has extensive experience in developing companies from idea to commercial success. In 2022 we have 72 companies in our investment portfolio. We evaluate around 500 ideas each year, and take up around 50 new companies in the incubator annually.

Incubation is about entrepreneurs and startups receiving one-on-one advice and step-by-step guidance while the company is in its earliest phase. We do this to build a good foundation for good ideas to be developed into commercial products or services.

Validé operates the incubator on behalf of SIVA - the company for industrial growth, and with support from Rogaland County Municipality.

ITSAccelerator 🚀
We have 25 years of experience with the knowledge what startups need in terms of expertise. ITSA is our business development program specially designed for companies in the early stages. They provide intensive learning, networking and access to capital.

We have three separate programs, and one partner program:

🚀 ITSA Start: 5 weeks, 5 skills

🚀 ITSA Growth: three-month program for growing companies

🚀 GründerAcademy: 10-week program together with innovation companies in Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger / Haugesund.

🚀 EIRAccelerator: Digital accelerator program designed for companies in the health business

🔔 More info about the next ITSA program here

🔔 More info about the next GründerAcademy here

🔔 More info about the next EIRAccelerator her

As one of Norway's leading incubators, we have entered into a partnership with SRbank Sparebank1 to operate the startup program GründerAcademy. Here, selected companies gain intensive business expertise through regional meetings, mentoring programs and national investor presentations. The companies participate in a regional competition with NOK 50,000 from SRbank, and regional winners then participate in a national final with NOK 250,000 in prizes.

Validé invests time and money in companies we work with. We have a diverse industrial and research network, as well as access to public and private capital that we use actively in the development of our incubator companies.

💰 Validé AS invests annually in about 10-15 incubator companies.

💰 Validé Invest II is a pre-seed fund where Validé AS and external partners invest in a bunch of promising startups.

Business clusters
Validé is a partner with 6, national business clusters (ArenaPro) that can provide you with a useful network and a professional innovation environment. Find your cluster environment:

• The health cluster: Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

• The energy cluster: Energy Transition Norway

• The Smart City Cluster: Smart City Innovation Cluster / Nordic Edge

• Aqua Clusters: Stiim Aqua Cluster

• Offshore wind cluster: Offshore wind cluster

• The transport cluster: Vital infrastructure arena

Where do I find Validé?

Innovasjonspark Stavanger bygg i2

The incubator is located at Innovasjonspark Stavanger at Ullandhaug. We provide a dynamic start-up environment with a combination of office facilities, collaboration between incubator companies, incubator services, expertise networks, professional events and a social arena.

Where is Validé?
🏡 Our office is located at Innovation Park Stavanger. You find us in building i2, at the 3th floor. Do you want to get to know Innovation Park Stavanger and the possibilities for office rental? The innovation park offers a varied set of office space or drop-in space at favorable prices for the incubator companies.
Contact person: Trygg Bugge

Validé's address is:
Olav Hanssensvei 7A
PO Box 8034
4068 Stavanger

Validé in Rogaland
You find Validé incubators north and south in Rogaland
Validé Haugesundregionen
• Validé Jæren (Bryne)

How do we keep in touch?
We encourage you to find out more about Validé via our websites and On the websites you will find news, practical information, events, updated contact information for the entire organization and links to useful pages.

Become friends and follow us on:

✅ Facebook: Validé and ITSAccelerator

✅ Instagram: @valideinnovasjon and @ITSAccelerator

✅ LinkedIn: Validé and / or ITSAccelerator and Technology Transfer Offices (research-based innovation)

Rescive our newsletters: Sign up via in the blue section «What happens in Validé?»

Validé offers useful events for startups

Kyrre Knudsen konjunkturbarometeret Eat Think Innovate

EAT, THINK & INNOVATE: Monthly theme lunch in the Innovation park Stavanger that adds knowledge, industry and networks.

• Incubator lunch: Knowledge and network gatherings in Validé's premises.

• Validé Day: We invite people from all over our network to get to know each other, and we present the latest in innovation and entrepreneurship. Good lunch, high energy, exciting presentations, useful information and effective networking.

• Eat, Think & Innovate: Monthly theme lunch in the Innovation park Stavanger that adds knowledge, industry and networks.

• Early birds: - get to know neighbors in the innovation park Stavanger. The first Wednesday of each month, Validé and the Innovation park invite you to a half hour with a nice breakfast and short company presentations.

• Kunnskaps_tørst: Do you wonder what is being researched at the university? We invite a researcher to the campus hotel Ydalir, to a popular science presentation of his own research.

• Join A Startup Night: Nordic Edge, Validé and University of Stavanger invite startups and students to meet each other.

• Ad hoc event: Lectures or gatherings, whether we have a visit, a summer, Christmas or other type of event. We inform via email and newsletter.

Benefit agreements

Together, Validé and Innovation Park Stavanger have negotiated good benefit agreements with discounts or free hours of advice. Some only apply to incubator companies and some only apply to tenants. Detailed information is available from your advisor.

If you have office space in the innovation park, you should check out benefit agreements for tenants.

welcome to us

Do you need an office?

Nest kontor i Innovasjonspark Stavanger

Innovation Park Stavanger offers start-up companies good office facilities; short-term or long-term rental. The innovation park offers professional activities that build networks between the companies and social meeting places.

Student Force Task - special offer for incubator companies

Student Task Force Izaskun Muruzabal-Lecumberri

STUDENTS AT WORK: Izaskun Muruzábal-Lecumberri wants contact with students who wants to work for a startup. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

Validé collaborates with UiS to get students jobs and experience in our incubator companies. You can have a student, for free, at work for 25 to 50 hours. That gives the students useful experience from the start-up industry, and the incubator companies receive free assistance. Often the staff doubles during this period!

Do you want to know more about how you can get a part time job? You can apply and read more about Student Task Force