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Typhonix test senter

Typhonix deliver low shear process solutions

Typhonix delivers low shear valves, pumps and other process equipment for a cleaner and more cost effective production. Experiences from fields tells us that shear forces break oil or water droplets and creates more or less stable emulsions in petroleum flows. This has a negative impact on oil/water separation as well as on transportation. Generally, research and development on separation of oil and water and produced water treatment has been focusing on how to repair the problems of unwanted oil/water mixing caused by upstream process equipment. In contrast, Typhonix’ approach is to remedy the source of the mixing problem.

Through the development of our low shear valve technology, Typhonix has developed knowledge and expertise on fluid mechanics, shear forces, turbulence, and emulsions in petroleum flows. We have studied, through experiments and modeling, the mechanisms involved and the consequences for oil and water qualities. We know how to reduce or remove the negative effects in the petroleum process. This knowledge is not only applicable to chokes and control valves, but also to pumps and other process equipment.

«The support from our local incubator Validé has meant a lot to us»
Ole Jørgen Engelsvoll, Typhonix

Empowered by Validé
• TTO service. Established in 2006 by Trygve Husveg. Innovation from his PhD «use of cyclones in petroleum processing».
• The winner of ONS Innovation Award 2018.
• Spin-off from Typhonix: Sandcatch Solutions AS