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We work to reduce or eliminate the need for manual suturing in vascular surgery.

VISIT FROM THE GOVERMENT: Minister of Education and Research Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (july 2018) visited the incubator and entrepreneur Nils Petter Oveland. (Photo: Hilde Garlid)

Problem to be solved
During the last decades we have seen major advances in vascular surgery techniques, in particular the emergence of minimal invasive surgery and robot assisted surgeries. Despite these improvements, the manual technique of hand suturing connecting e.g. a graft to a blood vessel (called anastomosis) remains a cornerstone in a large proportion of vascular surgical procedures. Hand suturing depends on the individual surgeon’s skill set and can be difficult to carry out in laparoscopies or inaccessible areas, it takes time and may result in leakage or infections that in turn lead to the need for rehospitalization. Thus, there is a need for sutureless techniques and devices that reduce or eliminate the need for manual suturing in vascular surgery.

The solution
We are developing a kit for rapidly anastomosing a vascular graft without stitching («sutureless anastomosis»).

Empowered by Valide:
• Incubator agreement
• Business development: Arild Kristensen
• Member of Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC)
• Investment from Ipark AS (Validé AS)