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Improving well integrity. Addressing the root cause of Sustained Casing Pressure

TEST: Centraflow achieves excellent results during testing of the CE-BOND at Xrig

High-side channelling is a well recognised problem experienced while drilling wells and cementing casing and liner strings.

Due to the effects of gravity, any pipe (drill pipe, casing etc.) in a deviated or horizontal wellbore will tend to «lie» on the low-side of the wellbore. The use of conventional casing centralisers typically has limited effectiveness, particularly in rugose or over-gauge hole.

We deliver: Centraflow has developed CE-BOND, a novel casing accessory which circumferentially enhances primary cement bond quality in deviated and horizontal wells.
Our patented and award-winning technology is based on the simple concept of redirecting downhole fluid flow by positioning self-orientating flow diverter elements in the annular space between the casing and the wellbore.

Empowered by Validé:
• Incubator company
• Investment from the pre-seedfund Validé Invest I