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We start where it ends

Ecofiber Recycling A / S, is a waste recycle facility for fiberglass and composite materials from recreational boats, construction fron the offshore industry, aquaculture, agriculture and wind turbines. Disposal of these by the waste segments is something we want to combat by making new products out of waste.

Ecofiber Recycling A/S was founded in 2015 as an approved recycle facility for recreational boats. In Norway, there are about 1 million boats and 20% of these are discarded, which means that there will be thousands of boats lying on the shore, rivers and neaby fresh water. Some of the pollutants that end up along the coast originate from recreational boats that only remain on land, sunk in the sea, burned or delivered to landfill.

Ecofiber Recycling AS is proud to have contributed to the introduction of a collection and deposit scheme for private boats, implemented from 1th of October 2017. We can now offer an approved recycling of your old boat, where you receive a mortgaged for boats up to 3 tons, and that you contribute to the new circular economy.

Empowered by Validé:
• Incubator company
• Investment from Validé AS
• Investment from the pre-seed fund Validé Invest I
• Board member: Johannes Løyning

Fjerner eierløse båtvrak og resirkulerer avfallet

Med pant på fritidsbåter lager EcoFiber Recycling AS utemøbler av gamle båter. Gjenbruk av materiale er ekte bærekraft.

Ecofiber Recycling AS har utviklet en metode for å materialgjenvinne kompositt og lage nye produkter som igjen er sirkulære. Firmaet er i dag et mottak og behandlingsanlegg for glassfiber og komposittmaterialer fra kasserte fritidsbåter, fra bygg og anlegg, offshore, akvakultur, landbruk og industri. Kompositten kvernes til et nytt materiale som heter Ecofiber.