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State-of-the-art medical advice to deal with the most critical of medical situations, wherever you are

Prometheus is making og designing medical equipment, training and assistance for specialists, provided by medical expertise. It´s an innovative co-tech company, with international roots and local expertise from Norway.

Prometheus Medical Nordic was established in 2016, as a subsidiary of internationally renowned Prometeus Medical ltd in the UK.

The company manufactures and sells its own equipment for emergency medical use in both the health service, civil rescue and emergency preparedness, police, defense and more.

Prometheus Medical Nordic is a provider of courses in prehospital ultrasound, and has solid expertise in the company in order to be able to perform ultrasound courses for all target groups who can benefit from point of care ultrasound as an aid to emergency medical diagnostics.

Empowered by Validé
An innovative medtech company that delivers unique emergency medical support for training and equipment.

«The incubator helped me to access the European market where I found my business partners. Validé raised my business so I found customers and partners».

Nils Petter Oveland, MD, PhD, CEO Prometheus Medical Nordic