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Placement of Cement for Plug and Abandonment

Smartcoil solution illustrasjon

This invention concerns a method, patented by SmartCoil Solution, for controlling the placement of cement in a low pressure well, where a well bore extends into and communicates with a reservoir formation.

The invention also includes a system for controlling the placement of treatment fluids into a well, with low formation pressure. In this context, low formation pressure means a formation in the ground with a lower pressure than a pressure exerted by a hydrostatic column of the fluid in the well bore extending into the formation. The method constitutes an improvement to control placement of the cement for a Plug and Abandonment (P&A) operation.

The overall target for this project will be to verify performance of downhole equipment, such as the injection valve, specifically designed for this method. Ultimately upon verification the method will be applied in a dedicated pilot well at the NCS.

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