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Magnus Friestad Bjørkavoll Bergseth

Precisest - a heart surveillance system

There is an increased risk of sudden death during strenuous physical exercise. The risk rises with increasing age and with increasing exercise intensity and duration. In recreational athletes >35 years of age, impaired blood supply to the heart with subsequent heart attack is the most common cause of sudden deaths during exercise.

In this project we are looking into the construct of a heart surveillance system that can be used by everybody to monitor cardiac safety during physical exercise. The system uses a novel combination of data from a large database (the Needed study) in combination with sensor data and a specific blood test.

Researcher: Stein Ørn (SUS) 

The Needed Study

You can also read: SUS-lege på sporet av livreddende blodprøve (Aftenbladet (no) )

Support from Validé:

• Validé Technology Transfer Office (TTO) contributes to develop and commercialize this product.

• Business developer: Izaskun Muruzábal Lecumberri/ Kari Birgitte M. Wiig