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The more crabs the better!

Captain Sigs Baits AS makes bait for fishing bag crab on natural residual raw materials from the fishing industry. Already in the first operating year, 2018, the bait was on sale throughout Norway. Now the company is growing internationally with bait types aimed at other shellfish

In collaboration with the best researchers in the field, Surla Fjellvang has developed Captain Sig's Crab Bait. The bait is specially developed for crabs. It gives a strong smell that lasts up to 48 hours. That gives the crabs far away time enough to get to the delicious meal in the trap.

The bait is specially developed for crab fishing and preserves the environment. The bait is a briquette that is placed right in the bait bag. Some will quickly dissolve, spreading the «good smell» to all the crabs in the area as quickly as possible. The other part of the briquette is long-acting and should ensure that crabs are attracted for 48 hours in total.

The product is produced in Norway.

«The Valide Haugesund region is directly responsible for ensuring that our company arose when they connected Sig Hansen and Jens Inge Eng with Attraqua Specific Baits AS. During one year, the company went from being an idea to becoming a manufacturing company that sells crab cans throughout Norway».
Sturla Fjellvang, Captain Sig’s Baits