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Better Spinal Health with Rodeo

FOUNDER: Frode Skretting is the physiotherapist that have invented the Rodeo Chair.

Rodeo Chair stimulates life and movement, and breaks with a sitting pattern that contributes to a weaker and stiffer body

Back injuries are the most common cause of sickness absence, and the single disorder that costs society the most. The Rodeo chair is designed by professionals. The goal is to prevent wear and tear, and improve back rest. The developer of Rodeo, physiotherapist Frode Skretting, has studied the science behind motion, and is a specialist in general physiotherapy.

The goal has been to develop a seating concept that promotes good spinal health by encouraging an active sitting position and utilizing the natural human urge to move at any time.

The University of Stavanger (Norway) performed extensive tests in 2015 and 2016, which show a significant improvement in spinal strengthening of pupils sitting on a Rodeo chair, compared with an ordinary chair.

RODEO - promotes global spinal health.