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Shaping the future of drilling

Sekal drilling

Sekal is the front runner and is shaping the future of drilling. Sekal develop the most advanced software technology using pure physics in combination with machine learning and artificial intelligent techniques. We are currently creating history, undergo significant growth and seek the most skillful and best people when creating value to our customers. Automating and digitalizing the drilling process is the most exciting ongoing paradigm change in the oil & gas industry for decades.

Sekal is a spin-off from NORCE. Validé has assisted in the commercialization process by securing the first innovation support for the verification process.

Sekal AS is a collaboration between Equinor, Saudi Aramco, SåkornInvest and the research institution NORCE. The societal benefit is about automating risky processes on drilling decks.

Sekal AS has grown into an international technology company for real-time dynamic monitoring and integrated drilling process automation. The technology puts drilling on autopilot. Reduces risk for employees in drilling situations, and reduces costs. Processes can be operated from land.

The majority stake in Sekal was sold to Sumitomo Corporation in June 2019.

Supported by Validé:
• Research-based innovation via Validé TTO (Technology Transfer Office) Validé TTO was involved in the very initial phase (2011), among other things by securing verification funds and laying out a commercial strategy for the company.
• Investment from Validé AS, and the company is one of Validé's top 10 exits.
• Commercialization was taken further by NORCE Innovation in collaboration with industry.