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A Game Changer in Chemical Injection

VENTURE CAPITAL: Together with others partners from the industry, Techinvent got venture captial from Validé (ipark AS) back in 2008.

Yokogawa TechInventhas developed a unique design based on the patented FluidCom™ technology that provides integrated flow control and metering using a unique combination of material and thermal effects.

FluidCom™ chemical injection valve and metering controller is a fully automated, simple and reliable device equipped with integrated autonomous valve control, continuous flow metering and self-cleaning functionality. The unique design includes minimal mechanical moving parts and is proven to provide operators with an accurate, reliable solution to control chemical injection applications with no regular maintenance required.

TechInvent was founded in 2008 by the founder and CEO Alf Egil Stensen together with the venture capital firm Statoil Technology Invest AS, Aarbakke Innovation AS and ipark AS. The company has been supplying its chemical injection FluidCom™ technology to major oil companies since 2016.

In Q3 2017 TechInvent AS announces that Yokogawa Electric Corporation has acquired 100% of the company and the unique FluidCom technology. From August 2018 the company officially change name to Yokogawa TechInvent AS.